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Mixed progress for Europe’s transport sector in meeting environment goals

The EEA Briefing “Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism gives an annual progress assessment.

2017-12-14 | EU | Pressemeldung | Emissionen

Bioenergy - a graphic introduction

2017-11-02 | International | Publikation | Bioenergie

6th International Conference on Lignocellulosic Ethanol - Presentations online

Presentations of the 6th ICLE are now available.

2017-11-02 | EU | Tagungsunterlagen | Biotreibstoffe

Innovative Mikroalgenproduktionsanlage geplant

BDI-BioEnergy International setzt mit ihrer 100% Tochter BDI- BioLife Science GmbH den ersten Schritt zur Umsetzung einer eigenentwickelten Algen-Technologie, rund € 16 Mio. werden in den Bau einer Industrieanlage zur Produktion von Algenbiomasse investiert.

2017-11-02 | Österreich | Pressemeldung | Algen

Plug-in electric vehicles: future market conditions and adoption rates

In 2016, slightly more than 19% of new vehicles sales in Norway were plug-in electric vehicles.

2017-11-02 | International | Pressemeldung | E-Mobilität

Banning palm oil blocks good practices

Palm oil is not equal to palm oil, ETH Zürich argues in a blog. Since plantations differ massively in environmental and social criteria, a general ban of palm oil in biofuels would punish the wrong producers while having little impact on reducing deforestation.

2017-11-02 | International | Pressemeldung | Pflanzenöl

Project Liberty overcomes preprocessing bottlenecks

The Ethanol Producer Magazine reports on October 24 that Poet-DSM Advanced Biofuels has overcome bottlenecks associated with the feedstock pretreatment process and is now focused on downstream processing at Project Liberty.

2017-11-02 | USA | Pressemeldung | Ethanol

“AMBITION” Project integrates Biopower and Biofuels

AMBITION brings together research partners from 8 European countries to create strong, focused and sustainable partnerships between internationally renowned bioenergy research institutions.

2017-11-02 | EU | Pressemeldung | Bioenergie

Review of Bioenergy Potential - Cadent-Bioenergy-Market-Review

This work suggests that biomethane will continue to make an important contribution to renewable gas generation, but suggests that BioSNG has far greater potential.

2017-11-02 | International | Publikation | Biogas

Gruppo Mossi Ghisolfi companies bankrupt?

The court of Alessandria admitted Gruppo Mossi Ghisolfi companies to the “concordato preventivo” in accordance with article 161 sixth paragraph of the Bankruptcy Law.

2017-11-02 | Italien | Pressemeldung | Biotreibstoffe

Market share of electrically chargeable passenger cars in 2016

2017-11-02 | EU | Pressemeldung | E-Mobilität

Seit 1995 deutlicher Rückgang bei Luftschadstoffen und Treibhausgasen mit Ausnahme von CO2

2017-10-19 | Österreich | Pressemeldung | Emissionen

Pkw-Neuzulassungen von Jänner bis September 2017 um 7,0% gestiegen, +39,8% mehr Elektro-Pkw

2017-10-19 | Österreich | Pressemeldung | Verkehr

Sustainable food system in Europe possible, but challenging

2017-10-19 | International | Pressemeldung | Stoffliche Nutzung von Biomasse

IEA Bioenergy: ‘The role of industrial biorefineries in a low-carbon economy’

2017-10-19 | International | Pressemeldung | Bioraffinerie

EU ULTRA-E Action for long distance EVs

Long distance electrical vehicles (EV) have a driving distance of up to 500 km. However, charging these new EV would take 1.5-2 hours on existing fast chargers.For this reason, the successful introduction of long distance EV depends on the availability of ultra-fast chargers that will reduce the charging time down to 20 minutes.

2017-10-19 | EU | Pressemeldung | E-Mobilität

15. Symposium Energieinnovation - NEUE ENERGIE FUER UNSER BEWEGTES EUROPA

Vom 14.-16. Februar 2018 findet an der TU Graz das 15. Symposium Energieinnovation statt. Das Thema der diesjaehrigen Veranstaltung lautet: "NEUE ENERGIE FUER UNSER BEWEGTES EUROPA".

2017-10-19 | International | Pressemeldung | Energieversorgung

15th International Conference on Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future”

The programme of the 15th International Conference on Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future” is now available.

2017-10-19 | International | Veranstaltungshinweis | Alternative Antriebe

SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub

The SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub aims to bring together industry, academia and other stakeholders to focus on the research and knowledge challenges associated with increasing the contribution of UK bioenergy to meet strategic environmental targets in a coherent, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

2017-10-19 | International | Projekt | Bioenergie

Truck fuel bills can be cut €5,700 if new technology deployed, report finds

Trucks could be up to 18% more fuel efficient and save hauliers €5,700 a year by using technology that is already available, a new report by sustainable transport group Transport & Environment (T&E) shows.

2017-10-05 | International | Pressemeldung | Nachhaltigkeit
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