2019-01-09 | Publikation | International | Nutzung

New study on benefits of biochar

Biochar is a charcoal-like material that research has demonstrated can be beneficial in the agricultural sector. When the porous biochar is applied to soil, the level of hydration improves greatly and increases production. Biochar also can reduce nutrient leaching, while increasing the amount of nitrogen available to plants. Another benefit is reduced release of nitrogenous gases, which can potentially lead to improved air quality.

The benefits of biochar are highlighted in a new publication. The 24-page article, "Policy Support for Biochar: Review and Recommendations," will appear in Global Change Biology Bioenergy. "Our new study guides how policy frameworks can change to adopt biochar as a resource-saving, crop-boosting and health care improving material” said one of the authors.

Source: Phys Org