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IEA Bioenergy Task 39 Newsletter #49

This issue features two articles on "Biofuels Production and Consumption in Canada: Status, Advances and Challenges" and "British Columbia's Low-carbon Fuels Program", a summary of Task 39’s significant achievements in 2016-2018 triennium and recent reports and news articles of interest to biofuels stakeholders.

2018-10-16 | International | Newsletter | Biotreibstoffe

IEA report: Renewables 2018

According to IEA “Renewables2018” report, modern bioenergy is one of the greatest blind spots of our energy system. Nevertheless, it is “the overlooked giant of the renewable energy field”, as stated by IEA’s Executive Director Dr. Fatih Birol. In fact, modern bioenergy accounts for about 50% of 2017 total renewables consumption and it is expected to maintain the lead.

2018-10-16 | International | Publikation | Erneuerbare Energien

Sustainable and circular Bioeconomy Conference

22 October 2018, Brussels

The conference will focus on the need to have a sustainable and circular bioeconomy to enhance the transition in a changed EU policy context and towards a new environmental, social and economic reality.

2018-10-16 | International | Veranstaltungshinweis | Bioökonomie

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 with one half to Frances H. Arnold, California Institute of Technology “for the directed evolution of enzymes”and the other half jointly to George P. Smith University of Missouri, Columbia, USA and Sir Gregory P. Winter MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK “for the phage display of peptides and antibodies”.

2018-10-16 | International | Pressemeldung | Alternative Treibstoffe

Emissionen von Luftschadstoffen und Treibhausgasen seit 1995 deutlich zurückgegangen

Die Emissionen von Luftschadstoffen und Treibhausgasen verringerten sich zwischen 1995 und 2016 zum Teil deutlich, wie die aktuellen Daten der Luftemissionsrechnung von Statistik Austria zeigen. Die höchsten Rückgänge wurden bei Schwefeldioxid (SO2; -68,3%), Kohlenmonoxid (CO; -38,1%) sowie bei den flüchtigen organischen Verbindungen ohne Methan (NMVOC; -35,5%) erzielt. Deutlich reduziert erwiesen sich auch die Emissionen betreffend Methan (CH4; -31,3%), Stickoxide (NOx; -24,1%), Lachgas (N2O; -20,1%), Feinstaub in Form von PM2.5 (-26,4%) und PM10 (-19,1%), Kohlendioxid (CO2; -2,4%) sowie Ammoniak (NH3; -2,1%).

2018-10-16 | Österreich | Pressemeldung | Emissionen

Commercial Flight with Jet Fuel from Waste Carbon Gases

On October 2, 2018, the world’s first commercial flight using LanzaTech’s aviation fuel made from recycled waste carbon gases took to the skies.

2018-10-16 | International | Pressemeldung | Algen

FNR koordiniert Stakeholder Plattform für fortgeschrittene Biotreibstoffe

Das von der FNR koordinierte ADVANCEFUEL Projekt untersucht in diesem Zusammenhang flüssige, erneuerbare Kraftstoffe, die aus lignocellulosehaltiger Biomasse sowie erneuerbarem H2 und CO2 hergestellt werden.

2018-10-16 | EU | Pressemeldung | Biotreibstoffe

Biogasanlagen fit für die flexible Stromerzeugung

Damit Biogasanlagen den bestmöglichen Beitrag zur Energiewende leisten und die unstete Stromerzeugung aus Sonne und Wind ausgleichen können, müssen sie Strom künftig flexibel produzieren.

2018-10-16 | Deutschland | Projekt | Biogas

ABLC Global 2018 – IEA Bioenergy Conference 2018

7th - 9th November, San Francisco, USA

The IEA Bioenergy Conference 2018 will be held on the first day of the three-day “ABLC Global 2018”, which takes place in San Francisco on the 7-9 November 2018.

2018-10-16 | USA | Veranstaltungshinweis | Bioenergie

EU Parliament CO2 targets - auto industry voices concerns

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has voiced its concerns about the European Parliament’s plenary vote on future CO2 reduction targets for cars and vans.

2018-10-16 | EU | Pressemeldung | Emissionen

German biodiesel exports hit record high

In the first half year of 2018, German biodiesel exports climbed considerably. Demand from the US, but also from Sweden and Austria, increased sharply.

2018-10-16 | Deutschland | Pressemeldung | Biodiesel

India Biofuels Annual 2018

On June 4, 2018, the Indian government released the document National Policy on Biofuels 2018, which proposed blend targets of E20 and B5 be met by 2030.

2018-10-16 | Indien | Publikation | Biotreibstoffe

Neste and Air BP support sustainable aviation fuel development

Neste and Air BP, an international fuel products and services supplier, have entered into an agreement to explore opportunities to increase the supply and availability of sustainable aviation fuel for airline customers.

2018-10-16 | International | Pressemeldung | Märkte

US: All-Electric Vehicles - 53% of Plug-In Vehicle Sales

Cumulative sales of plug-in vehicles through July 2018 in the United States of America show that more than half (53%) are all-electric vehicles (EV).

2018-10-16 | USA | Pressemeldung | Alternative Antriebe

Eco Mobility 2018 - 13th international conference

November 12 - 13, 2018, Vienna

Future Propulsion Systems: different regions – different strategies – different solutions

2018-10-03 | Österreich | Veranstaltungshinweis | Alternative Antriebe

biofuels international Conference and Expo

Berlin, 10-11 October 2018

Now in its 11th year, the acclaimed Biofuels International Conference and Expo will be taking place in Germany for the first time.

2018-10-03 | Deutschland | Veranstaltungshinweis | Biotreibstoffe

World’s first hydrogen train leaves station in Germany

The world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger train service began operating in Germany on Sunday (16 September), while EU ministers debated the future potential of the clean fuel at an informal summit in Austria this week.

2018-10-03 | Deutschland | Pressemeldung | Wasserstoff

Groundbreaking for a cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania

Clariant officially started construction of the first large-scale commercial sunliquid plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol made from agricultural residues.

2018-10-03 | Rumänien | Pressemeldung | Ethanol

Different positions over the future of the Aviation

International airline associations have written a joint open letter to the European Commission urging it to ensure the ICAO proposed rules governing the CORSIA carbon offsetting scheme are adopted uniformly and in their entirety throughout Europe.

2018-10-03 | International | Pressemeldung | Mobilität

New passenger car registrations European Union

Passenger car registrations: +6.1% eight months into 2018; +10.5% in July and +31.2% in August.

2018-10-03 | EU | Pressemeldung | Verkehr
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