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The outcome of three successful conducted ETIP Bioenergy Workshops

As previously announced various ETIP Bioenergy workshops took place in the past few months. The FNR as coordinator of the ETIP Bioenergy project held different presentations at these workshops. The following paragraphs will present the outcomes of these very productive and fruitful workshops.

2018-08-01 | EU | Konferenzbericht | Bioenergie

Major ship engine producer invests in biomethane

The technology group Wärtsilä has reached an agreement to acquire Puregas Solutions, the Sweden-based provider of turnkey biogas upgrading solutions.

2018-08-01 | International | Pressemeldung | Biogas

World’s largest liquid biomethane plant completed

The plant in Skogn, Norway built by Biokraft in collaboration with Norske Skog Skogn AS produces at full capacity 25M m3 of biogas per year that will be upgraded and liquified to be used in buses, trucks, vans, and possibly also on rail as fuel.

2018-08-01 | EU | Pressemeldung | Biogas

Map of over 500 European biomethane facilities

The European Biogas Association (EBA) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) have collaborated on a comprehensive map of all known biomethane installations currently running in Europe.

2018-08-01 | EU | Pressemeldung | Biogas

EC approved Italian support scheme for advanced biomethane

The European Commission has approved an Italian support scheme for the production and distribution of advanced biomethane

2018-08-01 | Italien | Pressemeldung | Biogas

Biomethane injection surges in France

The amount of biomethane injected into French gas networks almost doubled between 2017 and 2016, according to a new overview of France’s renewable gas sector.

2018-08-01 | Frankreich | Pressemeldung | Biogas

One Billion Ton Biomass in 2040 Possible

The US Department of Energy’s Billion-Ton Report: Advancing Domestic Resources for a Thriving Bioeconomy says that 1.2 billion tons of biomass would be available at $40 or less per ton by 2040, and 1 billion tons would be available by 2030, for conversion into biofuels.

2018-08-01 | USA | Pressemeldung | Rohstoffe

Rapeseed prices spiking

UFOP Chart of the Week: The ongoing heatwave in the EU-28 is anticipated to lead to a significantly smaller rapeseed harvest than previously expected.

2018-08-01 | EU | Pressemeldung | Rohstoffe

ACEA Pocket Guide 2018 - 2019

Each year, ACEA compiles this Automobile Industry Pocket Guide in order to provide you with an extensive overview of one of Europe’s key industries.

2018-08-01 | EU | Publikation | Nutzung

EU-28: Biofuels Annual

The USDA published a report called EU-28: Annual.

2018-08-01 | EU | Publikation | Biotreibstoffe

EU-28: Biofuel Mandates in the EU by Member State in 2018

USDA published a report called EU-28: Biofuel Mandates in the EU by Member State in 2018.

2018-08-01 | EU | Publikation | Biotreibstoffe

Real Driving Emissions is a tough, but risky regulation

Aggressive driving on average increases pollutant emissions by 35% in rural driving and by around five times on the motorway, according to testing of the latest passenger cars by Emissions Analytics on its EQUA Index programme.

2018-07-25 | International | Pressemeldung | Emissionen

Can Renewable Gas Contribute to Decarbonization in the EU?

On 9th April 2018, the Florence School of Regulation organized a Policy Workshop with stakeholders, including academics from the University of Groningen and the University College London, the officials from the European Commission, ENTSOG and ACER, a representative of the German government and representatives of major European energy companies.

2018-07-25 | EU | Konferenzbericht | Biogas

US glycerine market finely balanced

The US glycerine markets are seeing finely balanced supply/demand dynamics as the second half of 2018 ramps up. Market participants are trying to gauge supply tightness in coming months, and the supply/demand balance is delicate.

2018-07-25 | USA | Pressemeldung | Märkte

A Multi-Slide Guide to Drop-In renewable Fuels

The presentation on drop-in renewable fuels, featuring Drop-in Fuels 2020 author and in-demand industry consultant Will Thurmond details the very latest in a wide array of approaches to making infrastructure-compatible, high-blend renewable fuels.

2018-07-25 | International | Publikation | Synthetische Treibstoffe

Biochemtex, Beta Renewables, IBP and Italian Bio Products to be auctioned off

In Italy, four bioenergy and biofuel companies, Biochemtex S.p.A., Beta Renewables S.p.A., IBP Energia S.r.l. and the Italian Bio Products S.r.l. companies will be auctioned off en bloc in an inseparable sale to the highest bidder, starting at a minimum bid of of € 75.0 million in Italy's Court of Alessandria.

2018-07-25 | Italien | Pressemeldung | Erneuerbare Energien

Levelized cost of energy of an advanced electro-fuel system

The paper investigates the interaction of a 10MWe P2G facility with an island electricity grid with limited interconnection, through modelling electricity purchase.

2018-07-25 | International | Publikation | E-Mobilität

Soybean Prices Plunge to a 9-Year Low

Using a harvested acreage estimate of 88.9 million acres and a projected 2018/19 yield of 48.5 bushels per acre, USDA edged up its production forecast for U.S. soybeans by 30 million bushels this month to 4.31 billion.

2018-07-25 | USA | Pressemeldung | Rohstoffe

Indonesian & Indian Palm Oil Industry promote sustainable trade

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed which, for the first time, recognizes the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and the Indian Palm Oil Sustainability (IPOS) Framework as legitimate sustainability frameworks for palm oil production and trade between Indonesia and India.

2018-07-25 | International | Pressemeldung | Rohstoffe

Eco Mobility 2018 - 13th international conference

12th and 13th November 2018, Vienna

A3PS - Austrian Association for Advanced Propulsion Systems holds the 13th international conference Eco Mobility 2018 on 12th and 13th November in Vienna.

2018-07-25 | Österreich | Veranstaltungshinweis | Mobilität
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